First Playstation Android Phone – Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

First Playstation Android Phone – Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Man I’ve been imagining this for years now, the combo of a phone and a playstation. Had those PSP’s and Gameboys but ain’t no one got the art of connecting while playing on the go. The Nokia Engage came and went. Not so impressive huh! Knew that Sony must be designing some stuff in their labs. The fantasy has finally come true. Xperia Play is out now and is far better than I imagined.

I thought something that has both a phone and a playstation must be some ugly, bulky good ol’ fashion Motorola phone with some heavy duty battery and hardware, considering the fact that playstation or even the PSP is itself so HUGE. The surprising shock left me dumbstruck in awe.


The Play is incredibly thin and impressively designed to fit your style quotient. The 4-inch display monitor with 480×854 resolutions is decent and uses Mobile Bravia Engine Technology to display pixels. Cool ain’t it keeping in mind the fact that Sony Bravia is itself so cool.

The Back, Home, Search and Menu buttons are elegantly embedded just below the glossy mirror finish screen so as to make navigation much easy. Well this is what most Android’s have. The sideways sliding is much cool. But the power button is hidden below the screen so you have to slide it every time you want it to power it up.

Talking about the keypad, well Play doesn’t have any qwerty keyboard. In fact it has a keypad similar to a playstaion remote. With basic navigation up-down-side keys, a digital D-pad with two analogue touch pads, two shoulders and the cross, circle, square and triangle buttons. The cursor navigation is similar to a touch pad in any laptop. So you don’t have trouble adjusting to it.


The Xperia Play runs the GingerBread, the Android 2.3 on a single core 1GHz Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip with Scorpion processor to easy handle all your gaming needs with Adreno graphics for 3-D gaming offering as much as 60 frames per second so you don’t stuck or experience sloppy display while enjoying your favorite dodging through enemy arrows in Assassin’s Creed or accelerating your way in Need For Speed. The Xperia Play is the first Sony Playstation Certified Smartphone that challenges any Android or iPad amongst it’s kin in mobile gaming arena.
Summarizing everything, the Xperia Play is one of a kind unique, next-generation smartphone cum playstaion console to satisfy the gamer inside you. Have a go at it!!!